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⊸ I started my career of multimedia production in year 2009, whet I got my (first) occasional job as a roadie in AZ Audio company.

⊸ During my career, I regularly collaborated with both minor and larger names from the circles of multimedia production.

⊸ During my many years of training and getting to know my profession activities in details I always diligently spread my personal equipment park.

⊸ After valuable years of experience, I eventually started to work as a consulter and organizer of the technical parts of events.

⊸ I am the advocate of the principle that every work that we do needs to be carried out quickly, effectively and aesthetically.

⊸ I am always striving for the goal that the organizer / customer is satisfied with the work of me and my team after the performed service.

⊸ In spite of all my knowledge, I still prefer to work with live audio (as a FOH engineer or roadie), which also includes 90 % of my work.

⊸ Every year, I am expanding our service activities, so our development and growth can be regularly followed on the various portals listed in the tab above ➚.

⊸ If you have a question for me, contact me without hesitation, I always look forward to new collaborations with serious and professional customers.



  Brejčeva ulica 29A

  Domžale, Slovenija

  040 236 777


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